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TUES, May 14
TUES, May 14
9:00 (Results)
THURS, May 16
7:00 (Results)
THURS, May 16

2024 Regular Season Schedule & Results

Teams highlighed in yellow have not reported their score.

Tue, May 147:00 PMArenaBlue Jays6Bandits8
9:00 PMArenaRogues2Goodfellows5
Thu, May 167:00 PMArenaLos Caballos4Bytek Braves0
9:00 PMArenaOrioles7Rogues10
Tue, May 217:00 PMArenaGoodfellowsBlue Jays
9:00 PMArenaBytek BravesBandits
Thu, May 237:00 PMArenaLos CaballosOrioles
9:00 PMArenaBlue JaysGoodfellows
Sun, May 266:00 PMArenaBanditsBytek Braves
8:00 PMArenaOriolesLos Caballos
Tue, May 287:00 PMArenaOriolesGoodfellows
9:00 PMArenaLos CaballosRogues
Tue, June 47:00 PMArenaBytek BravesBlue Jays
9:00 PMArenaGoodfellowsBandits
Thu, June 67:00 PMArenaBanditsOrioles
9:00 PMArenaRoguesBytek Braves
Sun, June 96:00 PMArenaBytek BravesGoodfellows
8:00 PMArenaLos CaballosBlue Jays
Tue, June 117:00 PMArenaOriolesRogues
9:00 PMArenaGoodfellowsBandits
Thu, June 137:00 PMArenaLos CaballosBlue Jays
9:00 PMArenaRoguesBytek Braves
Tue, June 187:00 PMArenaBanditsOrioles
9:00 PMArenaBytek BravesGoodfellows
Thu, June 207:00 PMArenaBlue JaysLos Caballos
9:00 PMArenaOriolesBandits
Sun, June 236:00 PMArenaBlue JaysRogues
8:00 PMArenaGoodfellowsBytek Braves
Tue, June 257:00 PMArenaBanditsLos Caballos
9:00 PMArenaBytek BravesOrioles
Thu, June 277:00 PMArenaOriolesBytek Braves
9:00 PMArenaRoguesBlue Jays
Tue, July 27:00 PMArenaLos CaballosBandits
9:00 PMArenaGoodfellowsRogues
Thu, July 47:00 PMArenaBlue JaysBandits
9:00 PMArenaBytek BravesLos Caballos
Sun, July 76:00 PMArenaBlue JaysOrioles
8:00 PMArenaBytek BravesRogues
Tue, July 97:00 PMArenaLos CaballosOrioles
9:00 PMArenaGoodfellowsRogues
Thu, July 117:00 PMArenaBanditsGoodfellows
9:00 PMArenaBlue JaysLos Caballos
Sun, July 146:00 PMArenaOriolesRogues
8:00 PMArenaBanditsBlue Jays
Tue, July 167:00 PMArenaGoodfellowsLos Caballos
9:00 PMArenaBanditsBytek Braves
Thu, July 189:00 PMArenaBanditsRogues
Sun, July 216:00 PMArenaRoguesLos Caballos
8:00 PMArenaOriolesBlue Jays
Tue, July 237:00 PMArenaBlue JaysOrioles
9:00 PMArenaRoguesLos Caballos
Thu, July 257:00 PMArenaGoodfellowsOrioles
9:00 PMArenaBytek BravesBlue Jays
Sun, July 286:00 PMArenaBlue JaysBytek Braves
8:00 PMArenaLos CaballosGoodfellows
Tue, July 307:00 PMArenaBanditsRogues
9:00 PMArenaGoodfellowsOrioles
Thu, August 19:00 PMArenaLos CaballosGoodfellows
Tue, August 67:00 PMArenaLos CaballosBandits
9:00 PMArenaRoguesBlue Jays
Thu, August 87:00 PMArenaRoguesBandits
9:00 PMArenaOriolesBytek Braves
Sun, August 116:00 PMArenaBlue JaysGoodfellows

Click here to download the downloadable version of the original regular season schedule


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May 21, 2024
7:00 (Arena)
9:00 (Arena)